“Revenge of the Nerds” and what could have been

image from worhol.org

One section that stood out to me in Jim Schutze’s The Accommodation is his explanation of how it was never an option for middle class whites to politically team up with middle class blacks. It’s a shame that middle class whites teamed up with elite whites when it’s not necessarily in middle class whites’ best interest.

Last weekend, I persuaded the wife to watch Revenge of the Nerds with me. We watch Star Wars and read Harry Potter, so I wanted to give her a different perspective of geekiness. While Revenge of the Nerds does have its flaws, it’s still a funny movie. There are plenty of examples of mysogyny and chauvinism in Hollywood film, but this blogger will suspend feminism in order to examine another aspect of the movie.

Regardless, Revenge of the Nerds is one of the few examples we Americans have of downtrodden, neglected, and bullied version of white people teaming up with black people. Alas, proof that there is room in American society for normal white people and black people to share ideas, resources, and man power at the expense of the elite, white ruling class. Huzzah!


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