We’re getting better at public spaces!

Of the many things that Facebook now provides us, I’ve been appreciative of the “On This Day” feature that reminds us of our memories. On this day, 4 years ago, I posted a blog about our experiences running the Pegasus Plaza Market in Downtown Dallas.

It being the first of its kind in Downtown, I was quite frustrated that people chose to keep to the sidewalks despite our efforts to close Akard and placing vendors on the street.

In fact, I had deliberately placed obstacles on the sidewalk to obstruct typical walkways. In the end, they failed to disrupt peoples’ lunchtime habits of walking on the sidewalk and ignoring the street. Feel free to read the blog and understand how we addressed these problems.

At the time, I concluded that:

In order for the vendors to make sales, the customers need a comfortable and inviting marketplace to come to.  Long story short, people need enjoyable public spaces to contribute to local economy.

People in Dallas need re-education in the use of public space.  Public places should be designed for human leisure, like eating, relaxing, and other distractions.  A real city provides leisurely amenities for its people in order to benefit their well being and their economy.

Four years later, I believe that Dallasites are better at enjoying leisure time in public spaces. Klyde Warren has helped, and there’s a spirit of civic-mindedness that compels us to enjoy certain pockets of our city. Now that we have more practice spending time in urban parks, we now need more of them.


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