The White Privilege Reading List

I love White People, I really do! In fact, I married one…

A friend of mine in this whole urbanism thing encountered a stuck up lawyer who never budged from the opinion that he shouldn’t have to live next to poor people. I told my friend that he needed to #checkyourprivilege, but she didn’t know what I was talking about. I guess you can be white in Dallas in 2015 and still not know what White Privilege is. So, I’ve compiled some resources to help us all have a more sophisticated conversation about race and class.

History and contemporary analysis of race and class in the US (10 min video)

What is white privilege? (article)

Jane Elliot on Oprah defining and demonstrating institutional racism (video)

MTV’s documentary on white privilege (video)

Why white people feel oppressed (article)

White fragility (article)

The coming race war won’t be about race, it’ll be about class (article) 

How class/race segregation is about urban design (blog)

Interview with David Simon creator of “Show me a Hero” (video)

And of course, there’s always the Accommodation by Jim Schutze (online book)


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