I’m into triples. Here are some examples

The idea was to start this blog with a triplet of posts about triples. It turns out that’s really tedious, and consequently I haven’t posted in a year. So here’s the whole thing abbreviated so we can move on.

Triplet No. 1: How cities work

Citizens, Elected Officials, City Staff

In a democracy, you gotta have people, and they have to vote for their elected officials, who direct city staff. In Dallas’ case, the people don’t vote, the elected officials are either dumb or powerless, and city staff does whatever special interests want them to do. Since, about 7% voted in the last elections this month, is Dallas a democracy?


Triplet No. 2: What makes a place

Identity, Community, Activity

A meaningful place has an identity defined by the people who use it, or a community. That community has to activate that place in order to solidify its identity. A successful public space functions like a mirror for the community that informs itself of its character.


Triplet No. 3: How to solve problems

Creativity, Responsibility, Accountability

To find solutions to problems, be creative and resourceful and bring in various perspectives to answer questions. Then you have to delegate responsibility to make sure that the strategy you’ve built from weighing different perspectives gets implemented. Lastly, hold people accountable to make sure that implementation is followed through and to measure the results of your solutions to make sure they worked.

Why is this so hard?


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